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‘Happily Ever After’ Takes Commitment and Effort

Couples Counselling

Whenever a couple says, ‘We need help with our relationship.” They are taking a brave step of welcoming another into an often private area of their lives. I honor this brave step by listening to each person and finding ways to acknowledge the experiences of both individuals. We explore the ways in which you relate to each other and discover underlying drivers of those interactions. These discoveries pave the way to being able to ‘see the other‘ again and adjust our approaches to them.

Relationships Start With Hope

When we met our partners we were full of hope as to what this relationship might become. We fall in love, we get married or we move in together, we say things like, “I’ll always love you.” But years, months or even weeks later we feel alone, frustrated and angry. That intial hope seems far away, and we wonder why we said those things to begin with. We feel unheard and caught in cycles of arguments that don’t resolve.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally focused therapy focuses on the ability of couples to recognize the ways in which conversations become unproductive cycles, to stop those cycles, and to share the underlying emotions that drive our actions. When these cycles are halted and couples share those drives, they often regain (or discover) that sense of ‘being seen’ by the other. This in turn can lead to a rediscovery of the reasons that drew one another together and a strengthening of those bonds.

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As a professional counsellor I have the privilege of listening to clients as they share their life stories with me, offering a safe and welcoming space, a non-judgmental attitude and questions that engage in the process of discovery and healing.


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