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The Future is Filled With Hope

Individual Counselling

I offer a place where you share the situation you are struggling with in safety. As I listen, I will explore this situation with you, asking questions or offering suggestions that are designed to engage you in the process toward healing and hope.

The Challenge of Being Human

We each have a sense of who we are that is made from a variety of sources, parents/primary caregivers, siblings, peers, teachers, social media, personal experience and societal expectations. Often times these sources speak with a loud voice that leaves us with a sense that we are weak, shameful, small. That we are unable to face the challenges of life.

The Narrative Approach

The Narrative Approach believes that a person has many strengths within them that will enable them to face the challenges of life. It gives permission for people to look at other voices in their life, to re-examine the message that our experiences have taught us and ask ourselves, “What are the voices that acknowledge and reinforce my strengths?”

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Discover Hope Counselling Services

As a professional counsellor I have the privilege of listening to clients as they share their life stories with me, offering a safe and welcoming space, a non-judgmental attitude and questions that engage in the process of discovery and healing.


(306) 510-0045